Hi, my name is Nemanja

My purpose is to invoke the conscious awakening and rise of Men & Women in this world.
To serve as a vessel of love and inspiration for humanity.

How it all began ?

My earliest memory comes from my childhood reading the Third Eye magazine which my father was collecting passionately. It awakened a curiosity in me for the magical, the spiritual, the mystic, the unordinary, which set me on a lifetime path of self-discovery.

From the shamanic energies of Africa and Latin America which moved my body through music and dance to the eastern philosophies and traditions of India and China that opened the doors to the unseen.

Since then, for 24 years full time I taught 70000+ people across the globe in person and reached millions through my online programs and videos.

As I spoke passionately to life, life answered passionately back.


I've always loved traveling and exploring places around the world, especially the ones where no people dare to go. One of my favourite fun things to do is to rent a scooter, turn of my phone, leave the map at home and just GO. Intuitively drive in different directions. It always brought me to the most Magical places like this one on the picture which is in Vietnam, top of the mountain in a small village far from any city.

These adventures have gave me so much inner joy, fulfilment, friendships, moments which i will cherish throughout my life.

And the best part is, i feel i'm only getting started.


2017 decided to spend a long period of time single so i can feel myself fully. It was a powerful moment in my life as I knew that when the time is right, my heart will love again and be fully open to receive and share itself.

I remember being in Bali and just feeling her energy, her heart. Even tho i never met her yet, she was out there somewhere in this world and i already loved her so passionately.

Through amazing synchronicities that only universe can set up in such a way, we met on Instagram and then after a year of occasional online chats she came to one of my workshops in Holland. The moment she entered the room, I saw her eyes, her big smile and my heart knew right away, it's You.

4+ years after, here we are building a beautiful future together with so much love and care for each other.


When ever i see this picture and many alike i get the chills and a big smile on my face. Living the dream and sharing my passion with over 70 000 people in 1000+ workshops across the world has been my purpose for over 2 decades.

My mission is to bring humanity back into their bodies so we can feel more, sense more, connect deeper to ourselves and the people around us. To walk with our heads high like the Kings and Queens that we are.

To empower you in following your own dream and the natural gifts you've been given by birth.

To show you and be there side by side with you in building your own kingdom where you can fully flourish.

To be continued...