My feminine is a wild fire blazing Dragon

Feb 19, 2022

My feminine is a wild fire blazing Dragon.

She is a raw dark earth potion making witch, 2 powerful to be burned by the shadow masculine of our broken history.

Engulfed in her own enjoyment, a self pleasure goddess unapologetically owning her sexual power.

Her loving energy is a portal to divinity in which any masculine would completely colaps and return home to its heart.


Despite the old paradigm teachings and the conditioning that a Man should not be in his feminine because it makes him weak, the truth is actually the oposite. To be truly in your Masculine energy, your leadership, you must first know and connect deeply to your feminine.

The combination of both will create the sacred marriage of compassion for yourself and others.

That's where your true freedom and power resides.
That where you become a Sacred Warrior of truth and love.



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