End of February 2020

Feb 19, 2022

I left the Amazon jungle after a one month plant medicine diet with the Yawanawa tribe, completely oblivious of what was happening around the world.

It was supposed to be my most successful and abundant year of my 20+ year career, yet it all collapsed in a second as the global shit show began.

I had no work
No money or savings
All bookings were canceled
I felt insecure

thanks to my highly optimistic mountain moving, occasionally annoying persistent nature, in combination with loving and supportive people around me, I deep down knew it is time to let go of all that I've built in this incarnation, so I can allow the mystery of life to guide me.
F#cking scary as it was a complete unknown, only to discover it was there all along, with me as the main resident. Sprouting within and around me, waiting for the moment where I willingly decided to let go of my safety blanket.
And so, I did.


Fast forward to January 2022
In my new home
reflecting the journey of the past year where I
🔥 led 2 powerful 3 month online programs for Men
🔥 had my first 5 figure launch
🔥 leading a project for women with over 70 countries and 80 teams involved
🔥 heroically, madly and lovingly, did/survived another (this time live) 6 week temple training with my partner Nicole
🔥 deepened the love for myself, for her, for my family, for life
🔥 creating an epic beautiful photo studio
🔥 expanded my 1on1 Men coaching vision onto a Global Soul Leadership Project
🔥 using my resources to support charities and communities in need
🔥 surrounded by new loving, weird AF creative friends
🔥 feeling more confident and in my power than ever before
and more.

It's beautiful, and, to get to where I am now, I had to walk through hell and back.
Just that is a story of its own.
A book.


I do not know where the wind will guide my wings next, and I do not need to know.

I trust the currents
so again
I can surrender
and let go.

He who builds Bridges

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