Dear NO

Feb 19, 2022

I was threatened as a teenager by the military, for years, over and over again.
With blue envelopes and angry phone calls, because I said NO to "serve" in a uniform a corrupt government and their broken ideology.
For saying NO to waste a year of my life learning how to use weapons created not to protect, but to end lives.

Despite the repeating fearful voices around me, my NO was clear as the air I breath, so I said "let them come".
Let them come and see my resolve as I stand tall as as an ancient tree !
Let them come and witness my freedom as it is not granted by you or anyone else, but me !
Let them come as many as they want with their wrinkled foreheads, carrying guns and jail threats, so I can look them straight in the eyes and say one more fucking time.
NO !


So no, I never went.
And they never came.


Some called it 1 in a million luck.
Some called it arrogance.
I call it, Choice.

A choice, that was and always will be there.
A choice, to move not from fear, but from my truth even if I have to stand alone in it.
A choice, to walk this earth as Love that I am.
A choice, to live a life I choose to live.

Dear NO,
I thank you.


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