Dark Masculine

Feb 19, 2022

Dear men,
the world needs your Dark Masculine, more than ever.


I grew up without a father figure fully present so i know well what it means not to have the foundation and understanding on what does it mean "to be a man"
And even tho i've heard this sentence so many times growing up, i truly had no slightest fucking idea what does it mean.
So, my new role models became my frustrated school teachers.
For learning about s3x i turned to p0rn.
For advices about life i turned to my friends who also had zero understanding what they were doing.
Needless to say, i never even heard as a teenager that there was such a thing as the light and dark masculine & light and dark feminine which both men and women have, along with the shadow of them all.
Carl Jung who ?!


In the modern society, the Dark Masculine is one of the most misunderstood archetypes along with the dark feminine.
I can also understand why, as It's not easy to find a good spotlighted example of it.
Our leaders in politics are often portrayed as such, yet most carry only the shadow and immature version of this archetype.
So many hurt boys in mens bodies wearing suits, abusing their power with the focus on control.

Among these, other shadow aspects of this archetype are
The weakling.
The tyrant.
The r@pist.
The murderer.
The one who cannot own his shit and take responsibility.
The manipulator.
The one who takes without consent (in all forms).
Unconscious or repressed emotions.
Disconnected from his c0ck and heart.


On the other hand, there is the integrated healthy Dark Masculine.
The clear penetrative presence.
Master of energetic and emotional domain.
Standing in his power.
The one deeply connected to his own masculine and feminine.
Capacity to stand tall in the face of the oppressor.
Owning his shit.
Cuts through bullshit with his sword of truth.
Connected to his animal, his wildness.
Se/ual potency.
The one who can ravish his partner while being in connection to his heart and c0ck.
Respects women and honours the sacredness of the feminine.
The wise leader.
The Dark King.
The one knowing his purpose.
In integrity and honour.

It may sounds like a lot, because It Is!
Yet it is a gift from heavens.

Dear brothers, this is our responsibility, our birth right.
Not just to our selves as men, but also to the women, to our kids and the next generation to come.

So come out Dark Masculine.
You are needed,
More than ever.


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