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Hi, my name is Nemanja

My purpose is to invoke the conscious awakening and rise of Men & Women in this world.
To serve as a vessel of love and inspiration for humanity.


How it all began ?

My earliest memory comes from my childhood reading the Third Eye magazine which my father was collecting passionately. It awakened a curiosity in me for the magical, the spiritual, the mystic, the unordinary, which set me on a lifetime path of self-discovery.

From the shamanic energies of Africa and Latin America which moved my body through music and dance to the eastern philosophies and traditions of India and China that opened the doors to the unseen.

Since then i taught 50000+ people across the globe and reached millions through my online programs and videos.

As I spoke passionately to life, life answered passionately back.


Today I find myself:

  • living my purpose and doing what I truly love in service to my own heart and the world around me.

  • feeling confident and connected to my body and sexuality.

  • in a beautiful and devotional relationship which I always longed for.

  • having an amazing sex life where I can freely express myself, grow and explore together.

  • still meeting challenges and insecurities, but now with knowing how to face & move through them.

  • expressing unapologetically my wild masculine.

  • asking for support from my mentors or my circle of men when I feel stuck or unclear.

  • grounded, present, whole.

  • experiencing the life force running through me.

  • in my power.


What was needed for this massive shift ?

  • To step out of my comfort zone and into my power.

  • Being surrounded by other men who are also walking this path.

  • Devotion to my growth and self discovery.

  • To face my fears, doubts and step out of my own way so my greatness could finally emerge.

  • To ask for support, stop being the lone wolf and trust that other got me.

  • A clear decision and a FUCK YES to step forward into the life I always dreamed of.

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires in order for you to achieve it” — The Alchemist.